About Us

Our History

A little independent cycle store named ‘Mosmed Cycles’ was established in FREISTON SHORE in the United Kingdom, and here is where Mosmed Turbo Trainers got its start.

Mickel, the company’s creator, purchased the business in 1995, after it had been in operation for more than 50 years. Following the acquisition, the business relocated but retained its status as a bike retailer; it also changed its name to “Bikes @ Mosmed” to reflect the newfound interest in online trade.

‘Mosmed’ officially began trading on May 28th, 1999, after an investment by the company’s creator, Mickel. In addition to being a passionate internet user, Mickel was eager to establish a firm that would have a significant online presence.

Atmosmed prides itself on working with companies, people, and, of course, consumers in order to provide the finest product selection and delivery options in the triathlon industry.

Mosmed’s own-brands properly express the company’s enthusiasm for sports and delivering the best. Mosmed employees design, test, and develop these devices. Both in quality and price, each brand is still a market leader.

Becoming physically active in the natural world is a terrific way to bring people together, feel fulfilled and have fun. Mosmed’s goal is to let as many individuals as possible to participate in cycling and triathlon.

Being the type of company you would like to work with is what Mosmed is all about.

You can count on us as fellow sports fans to ensure that you are completely delighted with Mosmed.

Our Mission

It is our constant goal at Mosmed to provide superior service to all of our clients.

We've gained the respect and admiration of our colleagues in the cycling business by consistently delivering the greatest service and value to our clients year after year.